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We wish to change the traditional cosmetics business by integrating state-of-the-art technologies such as augmented reality, ambient intelligence, anti-counterfeit measures for fake products with the blockchain.


A makeup cryptocurrency called mi:coin (a ticker symbol: mgm) is issued to assist in the fair trade of cosmetic products and online content between producers and consumers. In addition, it will help to maintain the stable value of the mi:coin currency. The mi:coin is elaborately designed to tether to a basket, which consists of a combination of US Dollars, Euros, and precious metals like Gold.


Luxurious beauty products can be prevented from being counterfeited with our patented technology.


By using blockchain and anti-counterfeiting technologies, illegal and hazardous materials are proactively monitored in a supply chain.


Some reviews regarding the products and content can be manipulated by malicious users. By integrating reviews and users with a blockchain, our system can operate with fairness and transparency.


Cosmetic products and relevant makeup content can be affordably purchased via a direct deal in our marketplace.


A magic mirror is designed to replace an ordinary mirror by integrating augmented reality and ambient intelligence with a feature of Internet interconnections.

What is the meaning of mi:gram?

mi:gram is a combined word of mi (미(美), Beauty in Korean) and gram® (something that is written or in Greek; a message), thereby, signifying a beauty message.

What can mi:gram do for you?


Unlike other start-ups, we have been focusing on this business domain.

Makeup Science

Unlike other cosmetics services, we want to realize a real-time makeup by generating a makeup guide content for a user.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality provides an optimal real-time makeup support by mutual mappings between personal image classifications and personal image rules.

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Ambient Intelligence

A makeup guide content is reflected from the personal image’s facial features that are wanted depending on the user’s situations, locations, time, and moods as well as the personal image’s unique features in relation to the user’s face and skin types.

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By using a cost-effective and secure patented technology within a blockchain, we can realize a strong anti-counterfeit mechanism to verify whether purchased products are authentic or not, and to track down the history of all the products in a supply chain.

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Trust Control

An asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (aBFT) protocol in a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) is proposed, which is designed to outperform other blockchain-based ones.

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IoT-based Smart Magic Mirror

Based on our augmented reality and ambient intelligence, we will transform a traditional mirror into a magic mirror by connecting it to the Internet.

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We have patents, expanding over multiple disciplines ranging from computer vision to self-organizing networks.

Makeup Science




Anti-Theft and Loss


Billiards Training


Anti-Cheating from Online Games


Monitoring Behaviors


Self-Organizing Networking


Patents List

Makeup Science

Augmented Reality and Ambient Intelligence

Anti-Theft and Loss

Context Awareness and Mobile Networking

Anti-Cheating from Online Games



Security and Blockchain

Billiards Training

Computer Vision and Robotics

Monitoring Behaviors

Computer Vision

Self-Organizing Network (SON)

Wireless Mesh Networking

Makeup Science

People try to enhance their personal images through makeup. Desired personal images are different for each individual. Event though it involves the same individual, personal image can be different depending on the ambience (e.g., changes to the situation, moods, age, etc.). While we have been analyzing this psychology and reality, we have established a system and designed algorithms by analyzing the dynamic meanings of personal images.

Augmented Reality

Our augmented reality technologies have advantages to provide an optimal real-time makeup support by mutual mappings between personal image classifications and personal image rules. Our invention innovates traditional methods that can only provide an image of a standard model that does not reflect the user’s actual facial features. A makeup guide content can reflect the individual’s facial features. Therefore, the most accurate makeup support is possible with our technologies. Moreover, depending on the present circumstances and moods of the users and the real-time execution of a makeup supporting application, the makeup guide content can generate adaptively.

Ambient Intelligence

People have different facial appearances. Depending on the circumstances, locations, time, and emotions, desired personal images for each person may be different. Makeup can affect and create many influences on a personal image.The purpose of our invention is to propose a technology from which it can provide optimal makeup support by carefully considering the characteristics of a user’s personal image. Features for each individual’s personal image can be categorized and patterned. Therefore, this invention is closely required to examine mutual relationships between makeup and a personal image by categorizing and patterning the personal image’s features, and creating the rules to a personal image. Moreover, another embodiment of this invention is to respond to the diverse needs of the users. To sum it up, a makeup supporting method of this invention considers the personal image’s features that are wanted depending on the user’s circumstances, locations, time, and moods as well as the personal image’s unique features according to the user’s face and skin type. A personal image finally created by makeup changes on a daily basis. This invention emphasizes such realities and desires. An optimal makeup look that users want is frequently changing. In that case, a makeup supporting service that provides to its users also has to change. In this regard, a makeup supporting technology of this invention has dynamic features.


Some luxurious cosmetic goods such as perfume and skin care products can be manufactured and traded illegally. We devised an innovative idea, in which it does not demand significant costs nor a complicated process to implement because it does not change the current manufacturing process. This invention can simply be applicable to other products such as expensive liquors like cognac and whisky, handbags, golf clubs, smartphones, and more.

Empowering Trust

We propose a fast blockchain platform called Open HashGraph which is based on an asynchronous byzantine fault tolerance (aBFT) using a directed acyclic graph (DAG) instead of using an ordinary blockchain, in which it amounts to perform a tremendous number of transactions such as 150,000 transactions per second. On top of this monstrous platform, we will run various business services such as verifying counterfeit products, fake reviews and comments, and implementing a marketplace for trading contents, coins, products, etc.

Smart Magic Mirror

You may have watched the 1937 Disney classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, where the Evil Queen utters the famous line “Magic mirror, on the wall – who is the fairest one of all?”. Just like the mirror, we want to realize a modern-day magic mirror. We will realize a smart magic mirror as described in the fairy tale with an ordinary mirror that you can easily see from your surroundings by simply applying the generation of makeup guide contents and an ability to connect to the Internet. By giving a more elaborated pattern analysis and intelligence, we can even apply technologies and experiences obtained in a magic mirror to bathrooms, vanity tables, fitting rooms, and makeup retail stores. Furthermore, we plan to improve it as a medical mirror, from which it can promptly provide a physical checkup service to a patient in a hospital.

Our Partners


Core Team

We are here together to make our dreams into a reality.

We wish to invite a CEO who can handle our business well.


Marketing & Operations Expert

We wish to invite a talented CMO.


Marketing Expert

Mason Choe, Ph.D.

Founder & CTO

 Innovator/Inventor, Professor and Computer Scientist


Many talents from various fields voluntarily joining mi:gram inc. for a successful business.

Se-In Choe, Dr.

Health/Beauty Consulting, General Surgeon/MD, Ontario, Canada

We wish to invite an extraordinary makeup artist.

Makeup Artist

Seyoung Choe, LL.B./J.D.

Legal Counsel, Co-inventor, Canadian Lawyer, Toronto, Canada

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